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Born on the last day of winter in the year of the Tiger, Steve was born a prodigal son of a hot-shot guitar picker. Stone grew up in the burbs of Denver, Colorado in a musical household. Guitar was first at age 7, then drums at 8. On stage every weekend for money in Dad's band at age 14. While other kids were hanging out at the local pizza joint or high school football game, Steve was playing music for drunk people in nightclubs.


Steve went on the road at age 19 with accomplished musician and mentor Tony Shaffer. This is when the guitar chops started to come together. Tony turned him on to Albert Lee and Roy Buchanan... and that changed everything. By this time, Steve was also playing banjo, mandolin, and pedal steel guitar.



After Steve accidentally modified his left hand at age 25, he devoted more time to the pedal steel guitar. For almost a year, guitar was considered gone forever. Not so fast... after only 10 months, Steve was playing guitar in private, re-learning the fretboard with the new modified hand. You should see him play now. Holy moly. Anyway, on to the next paragraph.


It was a mutual love for guitar that connected Stone with Randall Gower, the man who gave Steve his start in the radio business, and also his karate Sensei. Steve started at the very bottom, in a town of 12,000 at night on a classic rock station. 


stay tuned...



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